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Divorce Mediation

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What is divorce mediation? All families go through challenging times, and resolving it together can seem impossible. At the same time, finding common ground is essential when it comes to issues such as raising kids and dividing shared assets during a separation. Divorce mediation helps you re-engage in healthy conversations and address your family’s unique needs.

Divorce Coaching

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Are you considering divorce and need support in the process? Are you in mediation, but feel like you may benefit from individual coaching to work through the emotions of your break-up? Or are you divorced, but still struggling to create a new life while dealing with pain from the past? If so, talking to a divorce coach can help.

Divorce Medaton & Divorce Coaching
Divorce Mediaton & Coaching

Why mediation? 

  • Less conflict, anxiety and stress

  • Faster and less expensive 

  • Control of the outcome

  • Focussed on common interests

  • Flexible and customized

  • Allows creative solutions

  • Voluntary participation

  • Preservation of relationship

“Tali was very kind and patient, and always managed to guide the conversation into a constructive direction to help us avoid accusing each other constantly.”
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