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Couple Counseling

What is Couple Counseling?

Couple counseling is a process that is designed to help couples improve their relationships and resolve their conflicts. The goal of couple counseling is to enhance communication, understanding, and intimacy between partners, ultimately leading to a healthier and more satisfying relationship. As a counselor, I will help you both explore and identify what you want to achieve during the process of counseling. Goals should be realistic, specific, feasible, and mutually agreed upon by both of you. It is usually a short-term, solution-focused type of coaching.

Is Couple Counseling for you?

Anyone in a committed relationship who needs support in navigating their relational issues can benefit from couple counseling. It can be for those who are married, dating, engaged or living together. Couples counseling can improve any kind of relationship.

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Is couple counseling successful?

While it can be challenging and emotional, Couple Counseling can be highly effective. Couple Counseling is successful when both partners are equally invested in finding solutions to their issues together and willing to put in the work both individually and as a couple. Another important factor is timing. In many cases, addressing issues before they escalate can prevent further damage to the relationship and make it easier to find solutions.

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Why couple counseling?


  • Improve communication

  • Buliding trust and respect

  • Explore and resolve recurring arguments

  • Learining skills for conflict resolution

  • Emotional connection in a safe environment

  • Recognize and work on negative patterns

  • Promote physical and emotional intimicy 

  • Preventive maintainance of the relationship

  • Raising relationship satisfaction

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