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Meet me

My name is Tali van Eesteren - Ben Weiss, I live in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, The Netherlands, with my partner, Martijn and my daughters Emma and Lynn. 

Life has given me great opportunities and taught me some valuable lessons. After a fulfilling career in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, I realized that working with people in challenging situations is what brings me the most joy. 

A degree in coaching in 2012 started my journey towards helping people, and I used the 2020 lockdown to fully dive into learning new skills to support individual couples and groups of family members as a family mediator.

I am a registered mediator, specialized in family mediation at NMv - the Dutch Mediators Association. I am also a certified coach from the academy of counselling and coaching in the Netherlands.

Why mediation?

The beauty of mediation is that it focuses on trust and cooperation, even in situations that seem hopeless. People have the ability to solve their conflict themselves, and mediation is a tool to support them during this rough patch. The mediator handles the process, and the parties are responsible for the outcome. I wish I had known about mediation when my first marriage ended in divorce, over 20 years ago. It would have allowed us both to get a clearer understanding of how we lost ourselves and each other, and find solutions for all the practical, emotional and organizational aspects of the divorce.

What makes me different?

Because of my own multicultural background and international experience, I am able to create a climate in which both parties can be productive, comfortable and involved. I believe that cultural diversity awareness is a key in helping parties trust the process, and work towards resolution. 


If you would like to find out more about mediation and divorce coaching, please reach out to me for a free exploratory consultation to discuss the possibilities. mediation expats divorce coaching scheiding amsterdam notrhe holland
“Tali was very kind and patient, and always managed to guide the conversation into a constructive direction to help us avoid accusing each other constantly.”
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