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Divorce Coaching

What is divorce coaching?

Divorce coaching is a flexible process that supports and guides people going through a divorce. It helps them make the best decisions for their future based on their unique situations.

As a divorce coach I can guide and help you find the answers you need to move on. The first step in divorce coaching is to address both the shock and stress of considering a divorce, as well as the experience of the process itself. Connected to this are the many emotions you will feel before, during and after signing the papers. I will support you in all practical, financial and legal aspects of divorce. I can also refer you to resources such as financial advisors, lawyers, advisors, mediators, accountants. I will be happy to accompany you to meetings and to court if you wish.

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Why is it crucial to get support during divorce?

A divorce can be like a roller coaster ride. You may feel out of control, experience emotional ups and downs, and feel lost when it comes to communication with the other person.  This is natural; a divorce shakes up everything that is familiar, and pushes you into a state of survival.  From this vulnerable place, it is all too easy to get pulled into a negative spiral of arguments which can have damaging, long-term effects on both the adults and children.

Divorce is perceived differently depending on the country, culture and faith, and this will affect how both you and the people around you react. It’s common to experience loss and loneliness during this period. Choosing the right person to support you during this major transition, and in the creation of your best life moving forward can be a great help. 

If you would like to find out more about divorce coaching, please reach out to me for a free exploratory consultation to discuss the possibilities.

I can help!

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Why Divorce coaching?

  • Cope with your divorce and be open to a new future

  • Find your authentic voice to express your needs and pain constructively

  • Stay centered and have the energy to enjoy life

  • Focus on your own needs, instead of reacting to your (ex) partner

  • Learn how to navigate a discussion and reach compromise

  • Deal with your (ex) partner in a relaxed manner

  • Provide guidance for your children 

  • Accepting your (ex) partner’s differing parenting styles

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