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Important information for unmarried couples.

I guess some of you are living together but not married or registered partners and having kids.

In this case, I encourage you to better understand your parental rights, especially in the case of separation.

Last week was a precedent legal decision where a mother is forced by a court order to return to the Netherlands with her four-year-old daughter after three and a half years of living in Israel. The father is Dutch and did not declare paternity after the baby's birth but did it only during the pregnancy (two steps are required to obtain joint custody in case the parents are not married). As a precedent, his request to get his daughter back in the Netherlands was approved although by the time the mother left she had sole custody.

My heart is with the girl. Her parents couldn't reach a parental agreement together and a judge had to decide what their lives will look like.

If you need legal advice please contact me, I can refer you to the right lawyer.


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